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Infinity Consulting Technology: Securing Data in an Effective Disaster Recovery Solution

Adopting a customer-centric approach to deliver affordable, feature-rich, online data backup, and faster recovery services empowers Infinity Consulting Technology to spearhead the other cloud services in Malaysia. Incorporated by industry veterans in 2008, Infinity Consulting Technology with its top-notch cloud recovery services enables clients to terminate the concerns associated with business continuity and overall risk management. Prior to introducing cloud disaster recovery services, the company with its advanced product, Asigra, was focused on arming clients with a perfect backup solution that would be flexible and cost-effective at the same time. As a distinguished organization in the APAC region with over 200 subscribers across the world, Infinity Consulting Technology today has evolved from being a back-up solution provider to one-stop shop for cloud disaster recovery services.“After doing distribution business with this particular backup software for two years, we moved into cloud because the backup software that we were distributing was basically cloud-enabled,” says Wilson Lam, Director, Infinity Consulting Technology.

Regardless of the industry, when an unforeseen event takes place, it brings down the day-to-day operations to halt, disrupting organizations’ productivity and business continuity. In this scenario, having a disaster recovery in cloud has become pivotal for entrepreneurs as it ensures safety of data in cloud storage environment. To arm clients with this ability, Infinity Consulting Technology has brought forth AEGIS—a disaster recovery solution that is fully integrated with cloud backup solution, ensuring 100 percent full recovery of data. In addition,it also empowers its clients to install, manage, and use the solution seamlessly. Since AEGIS CDR’s independent of technology is charged based on the total amount of backup capacity needed, regardless of the backup technology used, clients are able to optimize this cost-effective solution while obtaining benefits from its fully integrated backup solution. While the peer differentiating factor is its ability in tailoring the solution based on clients’ needs, the company also aids clients in selecting the appropriate software for their changing business environment. “Our services are specifically tailored based on the amount of storage required for their business environment,” adds Lam.

Our services are specifically tailored based on the amount of storage required for their business environment

Today, the company’s flagship solution AEGIS is equipped with four different backup technologies namely Asigra, Veeam, Falconstor and Datacastle, while the company is constantly adding on new technology onto it. In order to help clients optimize its cloud disaster recovery solutions, Infinity Consulting Technology with its proficient team offers hassle-free maintenance with managed services and ensures the security of clients’ critical business data in a secure offsite location. In addition, its proficiency in replacing the backup software at no additional cost following the changes in clients’ IT business environment enables them to bolster relationship with clients and improve overall revenue. “After some time, clients’ business environment may change and many of the disaster recovery service providers disregard this possibility. We at Infinity Consulting Technology guide clients throughout their journey, ensuring an effective disaster recovery solution at all time,” adds Lam.

Ensuring cost–saving and availability, the competent team at Infinity Consulting Technology has developed an array of reliable cloud disaster recovery services, all under the umbrella—AEGIS. It includes Cloud Backup and Restore, Cloud Replication, and Cloud Testing and Recovery vServers Architecture. In addition, its disaster recovery services can be deployed on both private and public cloud. In the recent past, the company has signed a contract with Datacastle in U.S. to offer endpoint cloud backup services to clients, in addition to their data recovery services. For the years ahead, the company is developing a cloud solution that will allow hosting clients’ production servers on cloud. “We plan to officially launch our new service offerings in May, 2017,” concludes Lam.