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Intentsys: APIs and Automation for Bridging Enterprise Applications and Business Processes

With the advent of disruptive technologies such as mobility, cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things, businesses are heading towards distinctive technology innovation, collating ideas and drawing different insights from multiple and often new sources. They are evolving and emerging as entities that are not only empowered by technology but also driven by it, especially when the competitiveness of a business is defined by its efficiency to access the myriad of IT applications, data and devices. In the recent past, several businesses have been looking for ways to integrate their enterprise applications internally and with business partners to reduce complexity and cycle times. Similar were the observations of Ralf Wilden, the founder of Singapore based Intentsys, while he was employed with SAP. “They have a lot of best practices and processes. In my client engagements, I realised that there was a lack of practices to make them talk with other enterprise applications, for example Salesforce,” explains Ralf. Having identified the gap and the lack of focus towards bridging it, this observation became the founding stone for Intentsys, which is short for Integrated Enterprise Systems.

The company provides a portfolio of products and services for integrating enterprise applications such as SAP and Salesforce. The API paradigm changes the way businesses connect speedily, flexibly and easily. Intentsys positions itself as an organization, which is all about bridging cloud and on-prem application islands. “We are a network of engineers, we offer the products, tools and best practices. We design, architect, implement and offer post go-live support, all complemented by Education and Value Engineering exercises,” adds Ralf. As the platform of choice, Intentsys relies on Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, a leader in the Gartner Quadrant. The Mulesoft platform has turned out to be an excellent choice for bridging applications. For example, TESAMM, a Singapore based company and global leader in electronic waste management has adopted APIs for simplified purchase, sales, delivery order and invoice transactions on the MuleSoft Platform.

Intentsys’s Mulesoft platform has turned out to be an excellent choice for its clients to orchestrate complexities on a central platform

Apart from the API-economy driven approach of automation, Intentsys has recently extended its product and service portfolio with ESM Suite, a German-engineered IT Service Management (ITSM) solution in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) space. “This is an offering, specific to every SAP customer,” Ralf shares. “An award-winning, SAP-certified process engine to run Change and Release Management, it mitigates risks significantly in the project implementation, upgrade and BAU maintenance by letting diverse IT teams collaborate on changes and releases with efficacy. At the same time business users experience a stable system landscape and management governs and is ready to comply with regulations anytime,” Ralf adds. It is the only proactive solution in the market with an Impact Analysis, avoiding costly errors at an early stage.

Intentsys plans to spread its wings to other parts of South East Asia – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. It also intends to expand to Australia and New Zealand. Since its inception, the organization has evolved drastically from being a systems integration specialist to an API thought leader. Ralf shares his vision, “We strongly believe in the dawn of the Digital Enterprise. Companies of all sizes will have to become software-driven businesses to run successfully.”