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UST Global: Re-inventing Business Dynamics through Cloud Technology

Organizations adopting cloud today are moving beyond mere cost advantages and aligning with innovative organizational transformation to achieve true competitive advantage. This is where UST Global, a digital technology and innovation company, has been exceptional in enabling their customers with many innovative cloud solutions for workload migration, cloud operations, data analytics, mobile, IoT, machine learning and AI, to name a few. The company has significantly helped re-define the business impact associated with cloud and cloud related services in the industry. Dr. Raghu Pushpakath, Practice Director, UST Global Cloud Practice, explains, “In the past, organizations adopted cloud merely as a cost-effective infrastructure solution for deploying their applications, with an intention of reducing their overall IT cost. However, companies are now realizing that the true benefits of cloud include transformation of their business, improving agility and to differentiate themselves among the competition. Interestingly, many companies are also looking at cloud as a quicker means of achieving security and legal compliance, while a number of traditional enterprises are shying away from cloud stating security reasons.” He further adds, “Our unique tools and services place the cloud at the core of digital transformation, helping clients to innovate faster with minimum cost and maximum agility.”

The company offers many services to its clients in their cloud transformation journey. From the perspective of a traditional cloud adoption approach, the company has a cloud assessment framework to analyze the client’s application workloads using a set of automated tools, evaluating the cloud-readiness of those applications and developing a detailed cloud roadmap. The framework provides recommendations on target cloud platforms in terms of better returns on investment, flexibility and operability. Based on the cloud roadmap, UST Global helps the clients with an automated approach for moving the applications to cloud. The company also has numerous tools and frameworks for cloud-enabling various digital technologies such as DevOps, mobility, social analytics, enterprise information management and big data analytics.

UST Global has unique set of tools and services that place the cloud at the core of digital transformation, helping clients to innovate faster with minimum cost and maximum agility

In cases where customers want to build applications in a completely cloud-native model, UST Global extends a cloud build service to design, architect and develop the applications leveraging different native services provided by specific cloud platforms. This enables clients to make use of the highly scalable, secure platform services managed fully by cloud vendors.

UST Global offers services to manage cloud environments, both at the virtual infrastructure level and the workload level. Its approach to defining a cloud operational strategy enables organizations to utilize the unique features of cloud, such as automation, auto-scaling and self-healing; enabling the clients to run their business applications in highly available, fault-tolerant fashion. “Cloud sprawl is a challenge organizations face today. We work with our clients to implement cloud-centric governance measures to address this,” adds Dr. Pushpakath. The company also offers cloud security services to protect clients from malicious attacks, employing measures like perimeter security, operational controls and threat analytics.

UST Global is building capabilities for cloud offerings in areas such as hybrid cloud integrations, post-migration optimization of cloud workloads and cloud cost management. UST Global envisions itself being a cloud services provider focused on specific verticals such as healthcare and retail.