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10 Most Promising Risk Management Solution Providers - 2017

CAMMS: Holistic Approach to Uncertainties

“Risk comes from not knowing what you`re doing”- this renowned quote by Warren Buffet depicts that a proper planning is required before implementation of any task, otherwise risks may intervene at any stage.

Businesses today are in demand of a good stratagem and pertinent execution of the same to restrict the probable hazards that obstruct business developments. CAMMS, with its groundbreaking risk management theory has been helping its clients to attain their business goals without confronting any hazards. Positioned as a one-stop-shop for enterprise performance management needs, the company has been assisting organisations to define their business objectives and strategies along with turning them into reality by managing their major projects and risks. CAMMS group started its journey in the year 1996 in Australia with its integrated suite of EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.

Armed with the profound knowledge and long-term experience in EPM and BI solutions, CAMMS has sturdily excelled in its risk management facet as well. “Cammsrisk is our new solution for all aspects of enterprise risk management. A key positive of this system is the ability to align risk and strategise through CAMMS’ broader offerings,” says Joe Collins, the Managing Director. It is a SaaS based product that is flexible and has focus on usability for those who need to manage risk. The software with its simple setup facilitates user flexibility and possesses clear pricing tiers. “Our software allows organizations to quickly and easily identify risks, and we have a number of pre-configured templates that help them get started. The system has simple tools that facilitate managing, tracking, analyzing and reporting risks, along with their associated controls and risk treatment plans,” Joe adds.

CAMMS’ clients, with the help of the software, can easily report, conduct investigations, determine their impact and keep monitoring until the case is closed. Even, the software helps its customers to schedule and manage internal and external audits, along with taking fruitful actions related to it.

CAMMS with its technical proficiency proffers an enterprise risk management platform that helps to combine all governance, risk and compliance needs

More importantly, this keeps all data recorded and dates stamped. CAMMS’ holistic approach ensures connectivity of all these risk management facets with other vital areas of their businesses, starting from strategy execution to project and portfolio management. CAMMS also sells its risk management software through a premium based enterprise model, ensuring tailor-made solutions for organizations. The software also encourages organizations to save their valuable time and money.

CAMMS with its technical proficiency proffers an enterprise risk management platform that helps to combine all governance, risk and compliance needs. More importantly, CAMMS follows a consistent and logical approach to tackle risk. This majorly entails the implementation of a robust ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) framework; adhering to the international standards such as ISO: 31000 and other industry-level standards; enabling holistic approach towards ERM by informing strategic, operational and project level plans along with budgets and financial schemes.

While talking about CAMMS’s business policy, Joe says, “We believe in constant continuation of innovation and improvement of our existing products besides creating new ones.” Successfully progressing with their research and development process, CAMMS is also planning to extend its working territory across the UK, North America and Asia, along with gaining more clients in Australia and New Zealand.