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10 Most Promising Risk Management Solution Providers - 2017

SAI Global: The Quintessential Enterprise Risk Management Expert

A smart risk management solution helps a company to have a better control over its growth and profit opportunities. SAI Global leverages a comprehensive suite of products and services to offer such solutions, addressing the rising complexities of a business. The company helps implement, execute, and sustain enterprise risk management strategies with their advanced solutions. In order to improve their client’s business, SAI Global has been developing expertise and extending their range of products and services.

“We help our customers anticipate, interpret and optimize risk to build brand trust with their shareholders, staff and customers,” says Peter Mullins, CEO, SAI Global. The company makes a thorough understanding of their client’s business, their customers, and their goals to provide practical solutions to risk and compliance management challenges with a varied range of technology-enabled solutions and support services. SAI Global also provides ongoing opportunities for better understanding of emerging risks.

Founded as Australian Commonwealth Engineering Standards Association, the company is now acquired by Baring Asia Private Equity by way of a Scheme of Arrangement. SAI Global’s intelligent risk solutions enable organizations to take risk confidently, continuously anticipate market events, and deliver innovative solutions for their customers, creating a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, ensuring excellent business processes, products and services.

SAI Global’s suite of Integrated Risk Management solutions–a combination of world-class tech platforms, services and advisory capabilities–covers the risk lifecycle at all levels and across all areas of a business, helping organizations develop an integrated view of risk. Their DemoZone provides a convenient way to browse and review Compliance and Ethics e-learning and awareness content. The company offers its services in the field of Forestry, Metals and Mining, Oil and Gas, Food and Agribusiness, Medical Devices, Retail and Leisure, Financial Services, Government and Manufacturing.

SAI Global leverages a comprehensive suite of products and services, addressing the rising complexities of a business

SAI Global’s range of products and services helps attain ISO 9001 certification, building trust and provide third party assurance. This helps the company’s product meet the specified requirements of a nominated product standard. The integration of Environmental Management System (EMS) helps the existing business processes to effectively identify, measure, manage and control environmental impacts and hence environmental risks.

Offering their services in commercial and retail market challenges for City Bank, SAI Global addresses the risk that originates with the steady growth, complex business portfolio and ever-changing regulatory environment. The company’s automated system supports their robust ERM program, and audit and compliance functions. SAI Global Compliance 360 offered City Bank superior user experience and cost effectiveness, with its integration across all applications such as Enterprise Risk Manager, Internal Audit, Incident Manager, Compliance and Policy Manager.

As one of Australia's leading non-government standards development organizations, SAI Global has demonstrated privacy, safeguards data and enables trust to become an Official National Cyber Security Alliance Data Privacy Day Champion. To develop further, the company has also strengthened its commitment to the mitigation of information security risk and safeguarding data.