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10 Most Promising Risk Management Solution Providers - 2017

Trend Micro: Nurturing Risk Management with Hybrid Cloud

With technologies mounting to new peaks, organizations always look to incorporate best-in-class services on-premises to vie with the rising customer needs. And, to mitigate ransomware attacks, organizations always look for high-fidelity security infrastructure to safeguard its core resources, and thus customers’ trust. Headquartered in Tokyo, with over 1200 experts globally, Trend Micro solutions brings into play the same with their stratified security operations for—cloud security, and secure online data storage and synchronization. These solutions powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network protect end-users from sophisticated target attacks and help them attain their business manifesto.

Built with cutting-edge anti-ransomware technology, the firm’s flagship solution, Trend Micro Security Sofware proffers high-tech online protection network to its clients. The product yields real-time solution to act against the malware and phishing attacks and ensures end-to-end security in the network. Trend Micro Smart Protection Network brings forth a suite of products such as OfficeScan, Deep Discovery, Intercan Web Security, and TippingPoint to infuse a high-fidelity threat protection environment. The firm’s Smart Protection Network infrastructure works in-line with its customer-based software products to incorporate a seamless internal security culture and help its client achieve better functionality.

With core competency in risk management, Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security—confers a centrally managed solution to mitigate the unwanted business interruption and closes the door for the security breach channel. Additionally, Trend Micro’s core product, Deep Security comes with high-voltage security features to abate the vulnerabilities of virtual, cloud, and physical servers. Deep Security incorporates a feasible environment for enterprises looking to transform to cloud without compromising on security. The solution robotizes policy management, hypervisor-based security, and central management thereby saving cost and time. The product further amalgamates with cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air to enable organizations to manage their physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Trend Micro brings into play the importance of risk management in enterprises and delivers best-in-market software to its clients

Trend Micro recently launched XGen Endpoint Security with ‘high-fidelity’ machine learning capability for detecting malware in real-time. Powered by the XGen™ blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques; this offering, intelligently applies the relevant technology at the right time, resulting in more effective and efficient protection against a full range of threats.

Founded in 1988, the firm continues its legacy to bring into play the importance of risk management in enterprises, and delivers best-in-market solutions to its clients. Recently, one of its clients was in need of a security solution to cut down the number of malware reaching its workstations. The client, a healthcare organization, opted for Trend Micro solution to identify the benign data and unknown threats, and add more value to its businesses. Replacing the existing security infrastructure with Trend Micro suite of antivirus solution helped the healthcare unit to protect its servers and workstations. Going forward, Trend Micro will be seen delivering innovative security solutions in digital space making it a better place for exchanging information.

Moreover, this suite hedges unanticipated risks and reduce regulatory capital in enterprises.