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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2017

99X Technology: Excelling with SPECM2

Propelling organisational excellence with apposite stratagem within its working periphery, 99X Technology has primarily focused on product engineering services. Since 2004, the company impelled superior quality of product engineering services by institutionalising its entire process. Excelling within its own section of specialisation, 99X Technology was the first company in Sri Lanka to get CMMI certification in 2008. However, one year later, many of its customers, primarily Europeans, requested leaner processes. Responding to this, 99X Technology entered the Agile movement and engaged all its projects to run on Scrum. Looking to excel in this particular aspect, 99X Technology incorporated its own Soft¬ware Product Engineering Continuity Maturity Model (SPECM2), ensuring progress in product engineering.

SPECM2 is a maturity model that ensures business continuity through the hard work of distributed product engineering teams. It mainly accumulates and governs the knowledge and experience that other successful software possess. The model also includes measurements of four aspects visibly–engineering discipline, business focus, team building, and engagement strength. These are again sub-divided into other different facets with measurable practices. With incredible flexibility, the model certifies the timely evolution of 99X Technology’s product engineering teams along with their consistent improvement. Adding more details on this model, Mano Sekaram, the CEO and co-founder of 99X Technology says, “SPECM2 was not initially harnessed to identify our clients’ specific requirements. This was done earlier through our tailored Customer Acquisition process, through which we identify our customer’s requirements.”

SPECM2’s engagement model identifies all its clients’ necessities when a project commences. After the identification is done, a suitable approach is implemented to emerge with desired results. SPEC ensures reliability within 99X Technology’s engineering model. The model follows a unified mechanism for all of its projects that include the same practices. This established reliability helps the continuous fostering of its clientele relationship, which again boosts the company’s steady evolution in the long run. SPEC is an uninterrupted progression theory that consistently assembles all its stakeholders’ feedback to encourage its development.

SPECM2 is a maturity model that ensures business continuity through the hard work of distributed product engineering teams

It is designed to support streamlining technology, giving opportunities to its clients to acquire knowledge from a variety of other projects with which 99XT is engaged.

While talking about their superior contribution in software product engineering Mano also says, “We have a proven track record in delivering 150+ software product engineering solutions to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). We leverage the best practices of Agile and come up with innovative methods, not by necessarily following Agile practices as per guidelines, but by drawing upon the best of Agile methodology to meet the requirements of our clients.” 99X Technology has been practising agility by responding to the changing business environment and establishing Agile Software Development methods that help address the ever-changing customer requirements, technological complexity and uncertain business dynamics. More importantly, the company has witnessed an increasing demand for quality and value addition over cost arbitrage. Addressing this need, 99X Technology has adopted and implemented elements assuring deliverance of services of advanced quality and has achieved ‘zero’ critical defects at customer delivery. With its new venture, a Tech Startup Incubator/ Accelerator, 99X Technology is all set to come up with other innovative ventures while keeping its concentration on software product engineering. Moreover, the company has also introduced a number of new services to its customers harnessing digital transformation, Internet of Things, digital marketing, and many more.