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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2017

Business Analysts: Delivering Client Strategy through Agile Consulting

Bill Gates once said, “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent”. As businesses today look to outsmart each other, the race to enroll a cost-efficient agile environment has escalated. Headquartered in Australia, Business Analysts integrates value-added agile approaches with prioritized value streams to help customers deliver their business manifesto. The company leverages world-leading agile project delivery framework such as SAFe, DSDM, Agile Manifesto, and Scrum body of knowledge to continue its culture of assisting its clients with the best agile practices. In their commitment to deliver an agile environment in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors in Australia, the company’s specialised team has been delivering services across Telecommunications, Mining & Construction, Transport, Financial Services, Health Government, and Waste Entertainment.

Founded in 2004, Business Analysts offers best-in-class customer-oriented agile software utilizing Kanban techniques and Lean methods. The company’s Agile philosophy continuously monitors the design and technicality of the process to drive sustainable development in enterprises. “Our intellectual effort is dedicated to continuously adapting and improving our techniques and approaches. Unlike generalist consultancies, we do not get distracted with other activities in such as project management, testing, development etc.,” says Tim Coventry, CEO, Business Analysts. To continue the legacy of integrating an agile environment, their highly skilled business analysts amalgamate business strategy with delivery manage the complexity of businesses. “This analysis helps our clients to make real-time decisions and leap ahead of their competitors in the ever-growing competitive market,” he further adds.

With over a decade’s experience of in business analysis, the company’s consulting service unlocks the best way to improve clients’ business analysis capability. For greater efficiency and discovering new areas for ROI, Business Analysts’ consultancy provides services in Business Case Development, Business Process Management, Buying Technology Software, Business Change, Innovation, Tender Preparation and Evaluation, and Resource Placement BA Managed Service.

Business Analysts deep competency in agile provides customers with a reliable option to deliver best-in-market software

“We are independent of all technology vendors and we are flexible with multiple methods and approaches. Being truly agile means that you don’t just do traditional Agile, we use all types of techniques, approaches, and methods to deliver business outcomes,” articulates Coventry.

The company’s deep competency in agile provides customers with a reliable option to deliver best-in-market software that delivers business value in a short time frame. Recently, one of its clients needed to replace the outdated support system in their finance area. The client, a large insurance organization opted for an agile approach to replace its old system with a new solution, Microsoft Dynamics. Business Analysts worked with the development team and subject matter experts to lead them towards their business needs. “Using our knowledge of Agile and value stream-driven requirements, we seamlessly integrate with the established project team and provide value from the outset,” adds Coventry. The company played an important role in breaking down Epics into manageable User Stories without impacting the on-going workflow of the development team. Extending focus to business processes helped the insurance company to achieve improved work management and traceability of user stories.

Going forward, the company envisions partnering with large companies to deliver improved business results leveraging various cutting-edge technologies. With over 50 consultants operating from offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra, Business Analysts continues to excel in developing business agility process and act to clients’ response in real-time.