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Cove Venture: The One-Stop-Shop for Big Data Needs

The APAC Big Data market is undergoing a paradigm shift with the increase in data generation from different industry verticals. With the APAC Big Data market deemed as one of the emerging markets for big data solutions and services, few players are at the forefront of tackling the problems in this space. One of the prominent names in the list is Cove Venture—a Business Intelligence services company serving a global client base. The focus of the company has remained in increasing and building clients’ business objectives by providing them with a solid business intelligence based on the booming, growing, and sustainable Big data solutions.

The company is uniquely positioned in the market with its specific expertise in providing Big Data powered Business Intelligence. “We are highly agile and understand the technology quite well. When it comes to the technological aspect of Big Data, understanding and visualizing the volume, the velocity and the variety can be very crucial. We are specialized in effectively capturing and grasping it,” says Madhava Turumella, CEO of the firm.

Cove Venture’s portfolio is a combination of both services and products that help its clients with state-of the-art business technology to multiply progress and helps organizations to create their firm for the future. In addition, the company extends hand-held consultancy services to its clients on the innovative front along with guiding them on used case technology.
Cove Venture’s business strategy revolves around the idea of creating an eco-system with the help of its business architecture/ web development brand; Webogen, with its service offerings primarily focused on creating websites and mobile applications, and then connecting the Big Data files to Trawler. This enables the company to offer better insights into the traffic and sentiment analysis. With the help of sentiment analysis, the company draws the patterns of the frequent trend shifts in market, politics, and worldwide events and creates calculated and verifiable predictions of the outcomes that may follow.

Cove Venture’s portfolio is a combination of both services and products that help its clients with state-of the-art businesstechnology tomultiply progressand helps organizations

The firm has enabled many of its clients achieve competitive advantage through Big Data Analytics, flexible and global delivery models, agile methodologies and expert frameworks. Core Venture has successfully predicted the 2014 UK elections and Brexit. “All this is done by publicly available data. If you are a good analyst, you can catch on to good queues, which in modern terminologies are known as digital breadcrumbs. These digital breadcrumbs are everywhere. All that you need to do is to intelligently pick them up and meticulously put them together like a jigsaw puzzle,” delineates Turumella.

In addition to the Big Data, Cove Venture has recently ventured into the Finance Technology space after being valued at 20 million dollars. The company received a seed funding from Tripura holdings, which invested in their brand new product called mysocialaudit.com. ‘mysocialaudit.com’ is an EKYC product that works on blockchains and efficiently helps the consumer to take control of the data. Through mysocialaudit.com, we are going to empower the consumer,” says Turumella.

Commenting on the company’s future endeavors Turumella says, “We are already established in India with our corporate offices in Mumbai and offices in Hyderabad and Amravati. This year we are planning to expand to few other cities in the country.”