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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2017

PinnacleQM: Assisting Businesses with Agile Delivery Capabilities

“Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change. Agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat.” This adage aptly defines the significance of agile methodology among businesses, owing to which, it’s turning out to be the most preferred route to development today. Most businesses now look for technology partners that can assure them smooth implementation and delivery of agile services. Working along the same lines is PinnacleQM, a business that services its clients throughout the APAC region with its comprehensive suite of solutions.

“We see two extremes in customer Agile maturity, those with a strategic organizational Agile transformation and those who download tools and dive in without any tactical or strategic objectives,” begins Ian Charlton, Co-founder & MD, PinnacleQM. Their solutions and services further empower the clients to reinforce the cost and time efficiencies with high-shield testing and DevOps release management processes.

One of the key offerings of PinnacleQM, Enginuity, endows a smart test automation platform to mitigate the complexities occurred during creating and maintaining automated test tool scripts. With high-tech R&D environments, Enginuity enables business representatives to rapidly add more value to their enterprises without the need for any additional skill. The solution further enables users to conduct automated system integration testing across multiple technologies including non-GUI and legacy mainframe systems. Manual test scripts are uploaded to the Enginuity platform where they are automatically executed by Enginuity. Defects detected are automatically logged. With Enginuity, PinnacleQM also helped one of its clients to compress 45 man-weeks of user acceptance testing effort into 4 hours. “PinnacleQM’s advanced testing platforms are available as PaaS and fully Managed Testing subscription models, providing customers with full financial control and access to flexible and fully scalable Quality Management services,” adds Gary Jenn, Co-founder & MD.

PinnacleQM’s flagship automation platform ‘Enginuity’ enables the entire Agile team to conduct test automation within a sprint

PinnacleQM yields an arsenal of solutions including consultancy, advisory, assessment, and strategy engagements for enterprises. With ‘inSight’, their consultancy and advisory services, the company assists the clients with core strategies for business growth and helps them achieve more productivity and improved cost of ownership. inSight lays a defined road-map for businesses to adopt the transformation process and incorporate an agile workflow.

PinnacleQM also includes delivery services, technical, and cloud services, and environment data services in its customer testing portfolio. “As a services organisation working with many different technologies across industries, we recognised within our technical feasibility work, that one vendor product did not support all technologies. Consequently, there are over 30 different automation tools available on PinnacleQM’s platform integrated with Enginuity,” exclaims Charlton. Serving as an apt solution to this problem, PinnacleQM’s cloud platform supports the ability to spin up instances of different tools based on solution and technology requirements. The company offers customers access to all these products as a SaaS offering.

With its roots spread across the APAC region, PinnacleQM is hunting for opportunities to expand internationally with several of its customers and partners within Europe and the US. The company is also stretching its agile and automation delivery capabilities into the field of Smart Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles. “We are already supporting and enabling customers with Agile initiatives that deliver significantly improved agility in adopting continuous amounts of change into new and advanced technologies, real-time data and decision making, and integrations systems,” concludes Charlton.