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25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers - 2017

Techcon Labs: Agile Development and Testing Services

With the rise in competition across the business domain, product lifecycles are becoming increasingly shorter. This has propelled the need for a flexible, cost effective, and risk averse development process which can enable shorter time to market for products. Techcon Labs, a young organization that specializes in software and mobile app development, testing, consulting, Atlassian tools, and SAP implementation/support, helps its clients in keeping up with the challenging demands of the market.

Amit Jain, Co-founder and CEO, Techcon Labs observed that companies were plagued by wastage in the development and testing process owing to the lack of integration. In order to remedy the same, the company adopted agile methodology to approach project management. “Agile is a sustainable methodology and it requires seamless integration between the teams to effectively reduce wastage, ensure on-time delivery, and amplify the efforts of development and testing,” explains Amit. The company has adopted agile methodology and follows it to the core. This enables customer to provide greater productivity by becoming more responsive, help mitigate risks more effectively and have contingency plans in place to build quality products that are user friendly.

Blending this key feature with the company’s well rounded services; Techcon Labs aims to optimize resources in the development and testing process. Techcon Labs employs a customer-first approach and has tailored its ‘out-of-the-box’ and ‘in-the-box’ services depending on the clients’ budget and existing technology they are using. BTStarter or Business Technology Starter is a product designed for micro organizations, which provides end-to-end services such as website development, e-commerce platform development, web and mobile application development. Clients also gain control over their digital marketing content. “BT Starter is an enabler of ideas. We help clients leverage our technology expertise to implement their ideas seamlessly and build applications from scratch,” implies Deepali Kaushik, Chief Agile Officer.

Techcon Labs employs a customer-first approach and has tailored its ‘out-of-thebox’ and ‘in-the-box’ services depending on the clients’ budget and existing technology

Techcon Labs also helps large organizations to enhance their existing software and applications through its SEAT services. Mobile app rebuilding, application testing, performance enhancement and UX/UI revamping are the advantages that clients can gain out of using SEAT services. “We work towards enhancing the clients’ existing products by working on areas that require improve,” says Amit. Additionally, the company also renders IT consultancy to clients in areas such as ERP, collaboration portal, software project management, and software audit consulting.

The company’s foundations were put in place in 2016 and from being a three member team; the company now has a strong team of 35. Hailing from varied backgrounds, the Techcon Labs team is committed to proffer cost effective and quality services to its clients. Having gained clients across the globe including Spain, U.S., UAE, and Denmark, the organization is now working in close association with the Government of various other countries to enhance their IT endeavors. Keeping up with its mandate to render innovative services and solutions including Area of IOT & Big Data, the company is working on a new tool–vAid (Visitor Access to Information Desk), which will provide technology to visitors of small/large cities in India and help visitors by providing various information from single platform. Techcon Labs’ ambitions know no bounds as the company’s journey to success has just begun.