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Tinkerbox Studios: Developing Quality Products Using Agile

Technological advancement has leveled the playing field for businesses today. Unlike before, well designed software has become the key ingredient for the success of any venture. However, not every aspiring entrepreneur possesses the technical acumen required to build a product from scratch. Tinkerbox Studios, a Singapore based company has taken up the challenge to help businesses leverage the latest technology by designing and developing future proof software products.

Tinkerbox caters to SMEs and start-ups, and helps conceptualize their product at the design and developmental stages. It also aids the already established companies by applying middleware to maintain legacy systems or sometimes to redefine the whole system. The company understands the pre-requisites of each enterprise and delivers customized solutions. Kelvin Tham, Co-founder & COO, Tinkerbox, says, “Product development is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs without technical background, so we guide them in designing and developing products in line with market requirements, while also fixing legacy systems of established companies.”

A game changer in the Singapore market, Tinkerbox was conceptualized by Jaryl Sim and Kelvin Tham in 2007. “As young graduates looking to foray into product development, we realized that the Singapore market lacked best practices and quality software development that were commonplace in Silicon Valley,” says Kelvin. To remedy that, the duo adopted the Agile methodology and Ruby on Rails, as the way forward. With traditionalist approaches to software development being rendered inadequate, the Agile methodology brings in efficiency, cost effectiveness, and robust development processes.

The organization has created waves in the market by pursuing an offbeat approach towards adopting Agile methodologies. The firm does not directly impose scrum operations considering its low proficiency on high-end products. Instead, it introduces subtle variations to the process followed by a series of iterations within a fixed timeframe. This provides clients with superior flexibility and control over the process resulting in a more refined end product.

Tinkerbox Studios prides itself on fostering a culture of learning, curiosity, and inquisitiveness among its team

Tinkerbox as part of its services helps clients come up with an efficient and effective design plan, defines, prioritizes, and validates user requirements; provides seamless user experience with an engaging and aesthetically sound interface aiding in achieving repeat clientele. Through its consulting services such as business modeling and strategic advice on digital and data forums, the firm helps clients overcome market risks and unlock their full business potential. The firm not only helps build applications for the end customer but also assists in modernizing in-house development software. Tinkerbox boasts of a range of tools that support cost-effective maintenance, continuous integration, and static code analysis improving business value with faster delivery.

The young company prides itself on fostering a culture of learning, curiosity, and inquisitiveness within its team. Kelvin elucidates, “Our recruitment method strays away from traditional hiring; the degree matters less than the aptitude and knowledge of the individual. We look to hire people with technological expertise and are inquisitive in nature. Additionally, an entrepreneurial spirit and the hunger for learning are two very important qualities that we look out for in our employees. Promotion within the company is based on contribution to other things like culture, learning, and community engagement on top of their performance and advancement in expertise to facilitate learning, we conduct sessions to discuss new technologies and various other topics. Learning and sharing of information is a very big part of our culture.” Besides the team culture, Tinkerbox is proud of its innovative practices in building new products, reviving orthodox businesses, and delivering quality software to the clients.