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25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers - 2017

Approach Solutions: Efficient Business Management on the Cloud

Q. In your opinion, what should be the focal point of the article? Is there a certain aspect about the company that you would like us to highlight in the profile?

Cloud allows companies to experience the advantages of Big Data without the cost of building their own infrastructure. Companies who ignore big data will be left behind and without putting their toe in the water, they have no idea what opportunities their business maybe missing out on. Cloud lets you know your exact costs with no overspend as it is a subscription fee. On premise solutions take longer to design and build and by the time it is ready to implement, in this changing world the reason for the development is no longer relevant.

Q. Provide a brief insight on the services offered by Approach Solutions in the Business Intelligence sector. Also, help us understand the significance of SAP Business Objects BI services among your clients.

Approach Solutions has written a cloud based application called Growing Teams, written in JavaScript on native HANA, with the view that “someone’s Mum must be able to use it”. Not saying someone’s Mum is computer phobic, they usually have so much more on their mind than dealing with complex software solutions. HANA is SAP’s big data database that delivers the same speed of access anywhere across the globe, allowing us to process, Rosters, Time evaluation, Payroll, Costing and Billing “in the moment”, removing the need for all the authorisation steps that come with legacy systems.

Growing Teams provides both costs and profitability of any work being performed or expected to be performed such as a sales quote.

Q. How do you help organizations to understand SAP HANA requirements and fulfil them?

Payroll touches every employee and contractor working in a company. Payroll is such a small part of the total solution, it starts with planning work, performing work and billing work as it is completed.

The data being gathered “in the moment” for any of these processes provides a rich base for analysing the success of your business processes. Businesses purchasing the Growing Teams solution do not require purchasing their own licence or managing “HANA” as the subscription fee incorporates everything including development costs.

Q. Why should a business adopt SAP HANA to generate tailored Business Intelligence solutions, while complying with the client needs?

Growing Teams provides both costs and profitability of any work being performed or expected to be performed such as a sales quote

Cloud offerings by nature must preclude customisation, but then how do you meet individual client needs?

We overcame that issue by introducing the concept of a club and your membership (subscription fee) to this elite club provides you the client with no cost development based on your design. This ensures we only have one platform to support and our solution is functionally rich driven by our client’s needs. Club members can get new functionality without even asking for it. It means that our Cloud offering is always ahead of the curve.

Q. Can you share any details of your plans pertaining to new services and technologies?

Growing Teams already takes advantage of Internet of Things, made available through HANA, where we can go out to sensors and satellite solutions and pull back where a ship, train or bus is located, so that without human intervention, our clients can in the moment know the live location of the object.

The benefit of that is we can bill services performed on that object at the rates that apply to the specific location. As more and more IoT is made available, we can take advantage of them, which means our clients get to use the latest in technology, without having to provide the infrastructure.

Q. Why Cloud?

When your on-premise team is late on delivery, you can only show your frustration, with cloud your penalty clauses apply for lack of performance. That is one of the major drivers for Cloud providers to ensure they are never late and that they have systems in place to ensure your Service Level Agreement is always met.

Cloud also lets you experience new technology without having to fully commit to it.

The speed that technology and infrastructure is changing at almost precludes companies from going it alone with on-premise solutions.