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SNP: The Transformation Company: Modernizing Businesses

Global competition, continuous technological change and rapidly growing demands drive markets through increasingly shorter cycles of change. The speed of transformations can determine a company’s success and future viability. Current business trends like:

- Fast-paced global markets mean that companies have to be ready to adapt their processes at all times (Business Transformation)

- Structures have to be merged, separated, or changed within the existing environment (Technical Transformation)

- To ensure competitive advantages in global markets, corporations have to review their business strategy periodically

- Global competition and continuous technological change drive markets through increasingly shorter cycles of change

A lot of methodologies for examining business and technical transformation fit under the technology umbrella, the CIO is well positioned to build a better framework for the business’s decision-making process and IT’s transformation-driven change-management process.

SNP, The Transformation company, helps companies react rapidly to changes in their business environment. SNP Applications enable companies to adapt their IT landscape quickly and economically to changing market conditions.

Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither, CEO of SNP conceptualized automated transformation almost twenty years back, now it is a full-fledged automated cockpit for technical and business transformation. With its core competency in business transformation, the firm brings forth a software-based approach to migrate and transform process and data of enterprise business applications like SAP, Oracle EBS or JD Edwards.

SNP helps businesses manage technical driven transformations and business driven transformations including moves to cloud. The process of carrying out these transformations starts with analysis where the company employs its analysis suite to deliver a fact-based picture of the current situation. Post this, a target scenario is developed, after which the transformation is implemented using SNP Transformation Backbone.

Data is our DNA and we extract, transform, and re-input the data. We perform system scans to show exactly the existing solution. It doesn’t read data but provides statistics and setups within companies so we can see the issue with mergers, carve-outs or moves. SNP AG’s Business Process Analysis tool, clients obtain a graphical representation of the processes in their systems. It can document, compare, and monitor current processes and optimize process performance. SNP also has Interface Scanner solutions in its portfolio which helps finding the running interfaces in a graphical manner.

The overall solution which manages the transformation is our SNP Transformation Cockpit. The Transformation Cockpit manages all transformation rules and tasks. Learnings from twenty-four years of projects are programmed into the Transformation Cockpit making it the only off the shelf transformation solution.

Data is our DNA and we extract, transform, and re-input the data

When you have a deeper view into every transformation project you will recognize that they all have something in common. Every time it’s all about data migration and transformation in four various scenarios: split, merge, move or harmonize ERP data. We bundled those scenarios and related data objects in our software, SNP Transformation Backbone, and adapt rules and templates.

SNP Transformation Backbone actively supports every single step of your transformation. It enables you to master the entire transformation logistics–from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation. SNP Transformation Backbone is the only software-based solution that addresses both business and IT driven transformations.

An organization’s success lies in the success of its clients. Living up to the same, SNP has created many success stories in its journey of over two decades. one of their successful associations has been with Spar, a retail tech-giant in West Europe. The retail company was facing difficulty in streamlining its services consisting of humongous amount of data. The client, to adopt modernization, approached SNP AG. Joining hands with SNP helped the retail provider to upgrade its 13 GB core ERP system by modernizing their whole SAP infrastructure. Leveraging SNP’s Near-Zero-Downtime capabilities further helped Spar to attain real-time upgrades and the necessary change in structure.

Working on its expansion plans, SNP has acquired Harlex Consulting to start its services in the UK market. Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither believes that SNP’s partnership with HUAWEI will help the company to expand its services geographically in China, Asia, and throughout Europe. HUAWEI deliver high performance enterprise solutions for SAP HANA and S/4HANA and we bring customers from their old SAP landscape into that new world. The organization has also acquired Hartung in China and opened offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to expand its global presence.

Over the years, SNP has helped with more than 5,000 projects for its clients to go through major transformation processes. Going forward, it intends to strengthen the workflow of IT landscape with SNP Transformation Cloud platform. “This platform will empower our customers to find their analysis, benchmarks, rules sets, and all other information out of their projects to improve and optimize their enterprise application landscape.”

To conclude, CIOs or one of their trusted advisors, you know by now that change happens fast. You also know that this can put a tremendous burden on you and your resources. The truth is, failure to keep pace with these changes can have serious consequences. SNP AG prepared CIOs to face these changes, and the challenges they bring with them, head on.