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Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions: Best-in-Class Trade Management Solutions

In the recent past, almost all organizations have embraced the usage of technologies to gain competitive advantage over other players in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry. The fact that globalization has taken prominence in trade matters, means that companies are left with no choice but to employ the usage of the best technologies to promote their products and services. Nevertheless, while the whole idea of deploying technology in promotional undertakings is appealing, a variety of problems are associated with this strategy. In order to address these issues, Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions (WPAS), a part of Wipro Limited, provides a range of tailored product and services that are intended to ensure that its clients receive value for their money when they decide to invest in trade promotion activities.

Ranging from end-to-end promotion management, to effective trade spend optimization using advanced analytics and predictive planning, the Promax suite of comprehensive solutions and services is packaged to deliver exceptional returns from trade spend. The solutions are broadly classified as either Promax Advanced, Promax Optimize or Integrated Trade Services which can complement any TPM solution.

Ashwin Bhatia, Vice President and Global Head - Consumer Goods, Wipro Ltd. states, “Our major focus is on driving winning business outcomes for our clients, by driving better volume uplift for every trade spend $.” Underlying this fact of moving beyond the specific IT services and solutions, the company, in the past couple of years, has made substantial investments in Digital, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Start-ups to improve its services and capabilities in order to serve their clients better.

Today, many CPG companies demand for more usable chunks of data insights to help in planning their promotions more proactively and effectively. To this, Dinesh Rathi, General Manager and Business Head of Promax, Wipro Ltd. says, “Our investments lean more towards the trade promotions optimization space, where customers can plan their promotions predictively, and they can simulate different scenarios to identify the best combination of variables.
Promax Optimize is designed for business users using micro-services architecture and machine learning. It is a bolt-on solution which can handle various internal, as well as external data sources, and does not require one to replace their existing TPM product.”

The establishment of this suite of solutions is a manifestation of the company’s desire to enhance its services to effectively address the ever-changing demands in the trade management and optimization business. Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions are modular, and so can be deployed into any Transactional TPM system—On-Cloud or On-Premise, to help reduce cost of operations and help in revenue growth. The company’s advanced BI has the potential to effectively handle and harmonize data from heterogeneous sources, like ERP and other demand planning systems, to arrive at actionable insights.

The company, through its software and services, has helped various clients across the world. Such abundant successful customer stories offer credibility to the effectiveness of the solutions that are offered by Wipro, specifically given the global nature of the clients. Wipro continues to make major investments in acquiring organic and inorganic business so as to improve its analytics capabilities in order to serve clients effectively. Further highlighting the future plans of the company, Rathi says, “Our focus is on delivering business outcomes to customers and our investments are aligned this objective with continued enhancements to the analytical capabilities of the Promax solution suite.” Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions, a part of Wipro Limited, provides a range a services and technology based solutions to global companies operating in the most competitive, retail marketplaces in the world, in order to consistently achieve a high rate of return against the cost of trade funds deployed and ultimately ‘Do Business Better’.