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25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2017

Companion Software: Quintessential Integrated Software Modules for Fuel Retailers

Stuart Ramsay, Director

Entrepreneurs in the retail industry are striving to expand their cross-channel offerings; as the tech–savvy consumer obstinately demands seamless channel functionality, personalized shopping recommendations, comparison-shopping, and privacy. In order to accommodate these demands, many retailers have highly invested in technologies and processes from which they seek to attain greater economies of scale and drive down costs, contributing to lower price for consumers. However, when retailers incorporate Omni channel strategies to provide better Shopper experiences, having a key technology fail in the service delivery platform disrupts the consistency and personalization of services in the retail touch points. This is where Companion Software excels by providing integrated software models that expand clients’ cross- channel offerings, and drive better business revenue.

“The solutions that we provide have been built specifically for the Fuel & Logistics industries. Unlike other companies who provide software to solve particular problems, we built the product from the perspective of the users requirements to drive better business results sooner,” says Stuart Ramsay, Director, Companion Software.

While the Petroleum Convenience Retail landscape is undergoing a massive tech transformation providing the best shopper experience possible for customers, many retailers strive for improved business performance, drawing more timely management insights across the broader business platforms, and ensuring they are in compliance with the existing regulations. Adding to the peer differentiator, Companion Software arms its clients with Mobile Companion, which enables clients to improve their internal workflows, view customer account / sales history, place orders, remote management, and view customised dashboard. In addition, App Companion also equips clients with customer engagement solution, which enables them to place orders, download invoices or statements, view pricing and site locations linking to Google Maps, and receive promotional notifications.

We built the product from the perspective of the users' requirements to drive better business results

“We enable clients to have a seamless interaction with their customers through a range of mobile platforms. This is one of the biggest moves of Companion Software in the ever-changing retail landscape,” states Ramsay.

While Mobile and App Companion bestow clients with tools that are essential for elevating customer experience, Companion Software’s Retail companion, a head office and back office solution fully integrated with specific NCR POS, extends clients promotional and reporting abilities by performing all the operations of back and head office with the complete integration of other companion software Modules. By leveraging with POS applications which have an integrated local card reader and credit card acceptor, the solution enables clients to optimize the fully featured price management system (products and price updates including combos, specials, and multi-buys) plus promotional stock control, forward ordering, product ordering, and receipting. In addition, Retail Companion also interfaces with many other point of sales solutions, enabling integrated flow of transactional data from the POS to the head office ERP-an optional provided by Companion Software.

Bonney Group, one of the companion software’s largest clients has accelerated their business outcomes by deploying Companion software’s integrated software modules in their organization. Prior to integrating Companion Software’s modules with their fuel distribution business, Bonney Group was facing system challenges to grow their retail fuel distribution business. Since the deployment of Companion Software suite in December 2011, the company has expanded their fuel retailing network to new sites and has improved their productivity exponentially. Going further, Companion Software intends to continue its focused journey addressing the specific requirements of their clientele in the retail petroleum industry.