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25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2017

Fedelta: Powered with the Cloud

Scott Buckham, Technical Director

T he retail and hospitality sectors have long been waiting for an innovative point of sale (POS) software solution. Fedelta, a firm founded in Brisbane, Australia, brings exactly that. Providing its solutions and services to over 1,500 clients in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the UK, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar amongst others, the company has a long history in POS software development.

The company’s solution allows enterprises to manage multiple outlets and multiple brands or concepts while not being dependent on the Internet. If an Internet connection is interrupted, the Fedelta system allows employees to continue serving customers without risking the loss of data. After the connection is restored, the system automatically sends the transactions back to Head Office and configuration changes down to all outlets without the need for any intervention. “Fedelta understands the criticality of our solution being available hundred percent of the time and as such, its design incorporates 3 levels of redundancy to avoid disruption to trade,” says Scott Buckham, Fedelta’s Technical Director.

According to Buckham, the quintessential differentiators in the mature POS market place are reliability, comprehensive and adaptable functionality, and a customer focused approach to both the development and implementation of solutions. Fedelta has been working with industry experts, business analysts and user experience (UX) professionals to ensure that its software remains intuitive and easy to use despite the high levels of configurability and incredible breadth of features that make it so appealing to the expanding customer base. The team at Fedelta, with their years of expertise and experience, understands that every client is different and requires different levels of functionalities. Fedelta’s solution is built to offer rich, targeted functionality to meet the needs of every customer including Sales, Catalogue Management, Pricing and Promotion, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management and Procurement, Loyalty and Marketing Campaigns, Analytical and Exception-Based Reporting, Business Intelligence, Online Ordering, Consumer Apps and Kiosks, Open Web API, and much more. “Having such broad and rich functionality in one platform allows us to service our customers’ needs from a single, consistent application avoiding the ‘Frankenstein’ effect you can get when stringing different applications together,” says Buckman.

The solution from Fedelta is unique in every sense of the word. It offers enterprise functionality, fanatical after sales service and custom development capabilities for bespoke requirements.

Having such broad and rich functionality in one platform allows us to service our customers’ needs from the single, consistent application avoiding the ‘Frankenstein’ effect you can get when stringing different applications together

Fedelta aims to be transparent and approach its customers with an open mind. The company believes that its software should be tailored to fit its clients’ business rather than the other way around.

Fedelta counts among its clients some of the largest publicly listed enterprises and industry giants. One of them is Australia’s biggest theme park, Dreamworld, which sees millions of visitors being serviced by Fedelta’s solution on over 100 POS terminals each year. Buckham explains that Dreamworld wanted a solution that can continue working without any interruptions. On top of this they had very specific pricing, promotion and marketing capability requirements. The theme park also required bespoke custom development to be built into the product alongside integrations with existing, mission critical software. Dreamworld were impressed with Fedelta’s unique abilities to service both their hospitality and retail venues within the park.

Speaking about the future, Buckman says, “Fedelta has the ambition to emerge as a global leader as part of its expansion efforts”. Although the firm has significant foothold in Australia and 15 other countries, Fedelta is working towards significant organic growth across the globe. Technologically, the company plans to expand its research and development in a number of areas including a particular focus on Business Intelligence. Through smart data discovery, it aims to empower ordinary business users to get access to immediate business insight at levels previously only attainable by Data Scientists and IT departments. Fedelta believes giving its customers this level of competitive advantage will be a real market disrupter.