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25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2017

Litmus World: Reinventing Customer Experience

Ajay Row, Founder & CEO

As the omni-channel experience spans the varied interfaces customers have for engaging with brands, retail organizations must seamlessly deliver an integrated experience, providing consumers with instant gratification across all channel platforms. To optimize these omni-channel opportunities that drive better revenue, and customer loyalty, one must garner actionable insights from consumers at specific points of their interaction with the product, service, retail environment or web experience and then act on these. With a top-notch business transformation cycle that initiates, delivers and manages context-rich conversations for better consumer experience management, Litmus World forayed into the Indian market in 2015. “Improving the touch point experience in real-time at every step of the customer journey is what our platform does,” says Ajay Row, CEO at Litmus World.

While integrated channels enable organizations to provide what customers want, the need of the hour is to create structured conversations through the all-pervasive internet-connected, always on mobile devices and integrate these into today’s advanced Customer Relationship Management systems to improve customer experience, build customer relationships and hence business productivity. In this scenario, Litmus World arms its clients with the Litmus World Wheel and Sliders, an actionable, detailed, and authentic platform that reaches customers at the moment of truth for real-time conversations on their mobile devices. Built with an intuitive and even fun UI/UX, the Litmus World Wheel encourages customers to immediately respond to their interaction experience at a flick of a finger on digital devices.

While Litmus World Wheel and Sliders empower customers to give their opinions, take an offer or otherwise engage with the business, it is the Litmus World Action Dashboard, a customized dashboard for businesses, that displays a dynamic view of real–time consumer insights, and enables organizations to address the issues that beset customers and fix these even while building a solid understanding of what happens at the moment of truth. Litmus World also enables organizations to enhance and even personalize interaction experiences. In addition, it also comprises mobile-enabled alerts and notification systems, which inform process owners of the customer insights in real-time.

Litmus Worlds’ platform enables your business to power ahead by leveraging cutting edge digital technologies to deliver transformation in real-time with both consumers and employees

“The frontline staff at a retail outlet can act upon all manner of issues in real-time or as per SLAs, find opportunities to create competitive edges … we’ve repeatedly seen things transform fast with management visibility and the ability to act,” adds Ajay.

As the rapidly emerging leader in initiating and managing context-rich structured conversations for both customers and employees, Litmus World arms its clients with a management dashboard, which manifests what experience owners enact for improving the customer experience at touch points. “By deploying our management dashboard, companies can measure and manage multiple touch points and outlets, and can compare the performance of different retail stores in a region,” elaborates Ajay. In addition, these insights that are derived from the management dashboard help create powerful feedback loops, from which companies can comprehend increasing consumer expectations, and deliver accordingly. Apart from the Litmus World’ business transformation platforms, Litmus World also offers several products that identify the specific requirements, all in real-time. These include Litmus World VoTE and Litmus World InsideTalk (employee conversations in real-time), Litmus World Bright Light and Litmus World QuizMeNow (training and development), and Litmus World Performance Marketing to drive revenues. These comprehensive platforms have been deployed by industry leaders across 9 countries globally. Moving forward, “We intend to focus on improving and increasing the ways in which Litmus World platforms initiate, deliver and manage context rich structured conversations for driving business results,” concludes Ajay.