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25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2017

Qualicom Innovations (Asia): Fusing Agility in the Retail Arena

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, once said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves”. And with the ever-changing customer demands, it becomes difficult for the retailers to be in-line with the escalating market race. To reach the core of customer needs and lay a reliable platform, retailers always look for a solution that could mitigate the functional flaws of the retail market. This scenario has brought into picture the concept of 'retail management system' to vie with major economic ebb and flow of the market season. As with various retail management processes, consumers get a feasible track to find the required merchandize with time and cost efficiency.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Qualicom Innovations suite of creative solutions brings forth an agile and structured workflow in retail markets for better business outcomes. “Our retail management solution monitors the complete fund structure including inventory, sales, and pricing with various cutting-edge business intelligence products,” says Bill Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Qualicom Innovations (Asia).

Acclaimed as a leader in endowing retail solutions, the firm’s flagship product Retailarc bestows a comprehensive suite of solutions to segregate the inventory process with various business intelligence reports. The product is modernly designed for two major retail environments including ‘Retailarc Merchandize’ and ‘Retailarc Restaurant’. For general retailers, Retailarc streamlines the workflow by managing products, inventory, ordering, and pricing. The Enterprise edition of Retailarc addresses the pains of merchandize having multiple franchises whilst the Independent Edition looks into small business units. Moreover, elaborate information related to Retailarc is available on the product web site, www.retailarc.com.

With Retailarc Restaurant, Qualicom Innovations improves services of various food chains facing complications in their manual workflow running on-premises. The product helps to keep up a centralized menu that can run across various restaurant chains running at multiple locations. The waiter can interact directly with the kitchen staff by placing orders through mobile devices which further streamlines the process.

Recently, Qualicom Innovations helped one of its clients to outsource its complex workflow and find actionable insights to streamline the manual operations.

Qualicom Innovations' flagship product Retailarc bestows a comprehensive suite of solutions to segregate the inventory process with various business intelligence reports

The client, a restaurant chain provider in HongKong and mainland China, opted for Retailarc Restaurant solution to automate most of their process and incorporate mobile payment option on-premises. The retail solutions further empowers customers with self-ordering capability and earn loyalty points by paying through the Retailarc mobile app.

Retailarc has a subsystem called SEA that automatically updates real-time information and analysis on inventory and sales figures to an executive’s mobile device. The subsystem brings analytics feature and gives actionable insights to meet the business needs of its clients. With Retailarc POS payment gateway, customers can earn loyalty points during each transaction which can be redeemed later.

For stores looking to expand geographically, Qualicom presents Retailarc Enterprise with Store Servers and POS terminals that connect new stores to a centralized server. And in case, a store is not delivering the required results, new stores can be opened at a different location with the same POS terminals and Store Servers in a very cost-efficient manner.

For the days ahead, the retail management firm envisions expanding its service throughout in Hong Kong and mainland China. “We continuously work to improve the bottom-line services of our clients and help them gain better business insights. Our business intelligence products bring best-in-class suite of solutions to transform the retail unit. With offices in Toronto, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou we are focused on continuing our legacy and drive digitalization in the retail unit,” concludes Chan.