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Solar eCRM: Cloud Based CRM for the Solar Retailers

Mounesh Badiger, MD

The solar retailing industry has witnessed an incredible boom circa 2008. Since then, the Roof top solar industry has made remarkable progress in Australia. However, the scenarios were not conducive during its formative years, mostly due to the lack of a proven business platforms for managing the complex process— often resulting in failure of businesses. To address this dire need Solar eCRM was conceptualized to offer an end-to-end business management platform that could help solar installers remain competitive in the industry.

Incorporated in 2012, Solar eCRM is the streamlined business management software offering solutions for improved productivity and profitability of businesses in the solar arena. Mounesh Badiger, MD, Solar eCRM, begins, “Solar eCRM is the first and the only end-to-end business management platform that fills this gap, more so in the newer, much bigger and more complex market places including India and U.S.” This comprehensive enterprise-wide CRM tool is one of the defining features of the Solar eCRM Platform. Apart from this, it also focuses on streamlining business processes and creating continuity in the customer experience. The Solar eCRM software is completely online and cloud based which allow users to manage comprehensively and large numbers. Unlike the big wigs, Solar eCRM offers immense support to its clients by showing roof map, providing flexibility in designing systems, and building complete financial modelling. The most outstanding benefit enabling of Solar eCRM is the entire business process can be decentralised, outsourced and if needed off-shored to stay competitive.

To empower roof top solar companies with real time analysis, Solar eCRM developed a lead generation software namely, mysolartoolkit.com. This top notch lead management and nurturing tool allows businesses to harness their network of contacts, associates, colleagues, and friends to educate them on solar benefits. It generates new income from their existing network. Using another unique extension built by Solar eCRM www. mysolarcash.com users can encourage prospects in their network ingoing green and in return be rewarded. Solar companies can licence these extensions to build their own business as they are cost effective.

The Solar eCRM provides solar retailers a unique business platform leveraging experience from the mature Australian roof top solar market

When the solar industry businesses deal with large number of leads, they have to go through a complex process including various regulatory requirements. Solar eCRM provides those businesses one stop solution to handle all leads and track the lead status for better conversions. In this way Solar eCRM equips solar retailers with the unique capability to gain a competitive edge. For its immense support to clients across South Africa, New Zealand, and many more, the company has received prestigious Govt Grants. Indeed, Solar eCRM also get referred as the most cost effective alternative to sales force in an industry by US SolarPro magazine.

Good example of case study is Golden Green, that has over 25 retail outlets big shopping malls across Australia was in solar retail lead generation years ago unsuccessfully. Solar eCRM provided them 'my solar toolkit and solar eCRM' to resume their businesses with confidence. Solar eCRM has the capability to map solar business processes irrespective of the business size or market, in addition to its other offering such as customisable solar reports and proposals, franchisable structure and email notifications.

This Melbourne, Australia, based company foresees India as potential market, and so has deployed its team for implementing the plans. In the upcoming 10-20 years as every roof is going to be a solarised roof, Solar eCRM is focussed to offer its best-in-class platform to make best out of this global opportunity. The company even intends to incorporate many new technological solutions depending on the market demand. "Australia is far ahead in terms of market penetration, so we would like to spread our expertise to the rest of the world,” Mounesh concludes.