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Wirecard AG: Ushering Versatility In Electronic Payment Processing

Jeffry Ho, MD

A growing number of merchants, across industries, are reaping benefits of mobile payment processing solutions as an efficient Point-of-Sale (POS) system. It not only fulfils customers demand, but also boosts sales, optimizes cost, and makes the process more efficient. Today, a growing number of businesses demand modern POS payment solutions that cater to their retail customers. Incorporated in 1999, Wirecard AG offers merchants with multiple channels of payment such as retail POS, mobile POS, eCommerce & mCommerce for online sales, self-service kiosk, and recurring payment by subscribers. With this, Wirecard is a leading provider of outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payment transactions. Today, the company shows state-of-the-art payment solutions: “Wirecard’s Connected POS for example is a platform that enables the existing POS infrastructure to capture data, redeem e-vouchers in real-time and provides loyalty features,” explains Jeffry Ho, Managing Director of Wirecard Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia A&I. The Company’s omni-channel platform enables merchants with real-time, single view of transaction records or an automated Push Report customized to the format of their choice.
The solutions offered by the company are reliable, cost-effective, and transparent. They can be easily integrated with existing IT applications and company processes. Wirecard helps merchants with relevant Payment types from various acquirers, who employ different card schemes. The company also caters to the emerging alternative payments modes such as on card or virtual wallets. Indeed, Wirecard’s Card-linked offers enable seamless, mobile first loyalty program that is tied to real-time transactions of an issuing solution.

Wirecard offers payment processing and card acceptance as a complete solution from a single source, allowing for access to a global payment systems. A trouble free process offers maximum possible security and comprehensive fraud protection. Wirecard’s Payment processing service is easy, efficient and secure, and helps customers establish and maintain their market position. Wirecard supplies national and international payment solutions, as well as relevant services for all major currencies. The technical platform operates according to the latest security standards. It meets all stipulated guidelines, including that of PCI certification. It supports processing of industry-specific supplementary data, including those from hotels, airlines and car rental agencies.

Wirecard proffers mobile payment solutions to all retailers. Be it code payments, NFC or BLE technology, contactless and virtual cards with real time top up or mobile card readers and apps, Wirecard has a wide range of products for mobile payment solutions. Payment with mobile, mobile card reader, and mobile money solutions are company’s forte. In addition, it offers services like card issuance, card acceptance, back-end processes, and call centre support. All the solutions of Wirecard are easy to use with multi-currency and multilingual system support, and, therefore, are suitable for every business model.

The Company’s mobile card reader allows particularly small retailers to offer their customers enhanced payment convenience. Wirecard AG, of late, signed a contract with TransferTo to enable user-friendly mobile money solutions. In addition to this, the company’s mobile payment product named boon. is available in some of the European countries like UK, Ireland, France and Switzerland through Apple Pay.

Being associated with Wirecard enable merchants with choice of different payment types and leverage on technologies to gain secure, accurate, efficient, cost effective, modular & customisable business needs.
Recently, the company has announced the purchase of customer portfolio of Citi’s merchant acquiring business in 11 markets in Asia Pacific (APAC). This Aschheim, Munich, headquartered company has received prestigious awards like Emerging Payments Awards and Paybefore Awards Europe for its commendable client support to nearly 27,000 customers so far.

Over these years, Wirecard AG has carved out several customer success stories. For instance, when WMF Group—a renowned retail chain in Germany operating for last 160 years—faced with challenges in maintaining stock for its premium range of products across all its branches equally, they needed a solution that seamlessly integrates product inventories across stores into one. In short, they wanted to create an ecosystem where customer can have access to products irrespective of their physical location. Serving a large number of its international customers was yet another aspect to be looked into. Understanding this dire need, Wirecard AG put forward its industry proven omni-channel shopping solution. It offered tablets with pre-installed apps to shop across stores. This solution allowed WMF’s customers to easily browse through products in the shops and, if not available immediately, place orders to deliver at home. This tablet application connected directly to the online shop portal of WMF Group and offered phenomenal shopping experience to the customers. In this particular case, all payment-related data are read via integrated mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminals (SPM2) and transmitted to the app over Bluetooth. As a result, there is no need for manual input of credit card details. Today, just like WMF Group, clients who have embraced Wirecard’s omni-channel payment solution are allowing their customer to access extensive range of products from across their stores. Furthermore, integration with UnionPay and Alipay means a plethora of globally accepted payment options are now available to the customers.

Obviously, this is not the only instance when Wirecard has helped its client. For Munich Airport—one of the largest retailers in Germany— the company improvised its platform to accept Alipay payments. In this particular case, Wirecard implemented its connected POS technology to specifically take care of International customers. It allowed merchant to offer a simplified checkout process, allowing customers to use global payment systems. If a customer wants to pay using Alipay App, it allowed it to do so by just scanning the barcode. This implementation, to a great extent, helped Chinese tourists as they are now able to conveniently pay for their purchase on arrival as well as departure areas across Munich Airport using their Alipay App. Besides payment, it took advantage of the Alipay App features that allowed geo-localised and targeted offers to the app's users.

There are many such success stories where Wirecard AG greatly exceeded customer expectations and went beyond call of duty to create exemplary mark in the payments industry. “In future, we see payments getting more seamless. It means, irrespective of whether customer buys products online, offline or mobile, they will be able to make payment with their smartphone just by a tap of their finger,” concludes Jeffry Ho.

Key Management:

Jeffry Ho, is an industry veteran, who is presently serving as a Managing Director of Wirecard AG for APAC regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia. Prior to embarking his journey in Wirecard AG as an Executive Vice President and then now as a Managing Director, Jeffry Ho had served his tenure in Systems@Work as an Executive VP. His remarkable educational track along with his versatile industry knowledge helps him to bring double digit growth to the organization. For his out of the track dedication and client support, Wirecard AG has achieved monumental growth over the years.