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Fujitsu Announces Modular Blade Families in 1FINITY Platform

Monday, April 18, 2016


TOKYO, JP: FUJITSU a provider of information technology and communication solutions unveils FUJITSU 1FINITY platform consisting of Transport, Lambda, Switch, and Access blades.

The 1FINITY platform is a revolutionary packet optical networking solution that incorporates a fully disaggregated architecture to provide significant benefits like Independent blade-centric design facilitates agile development, continuous performance improvement, and technology innovation,

Functional 1RU(One Rack Unit) blades provide low initial investment, efficient scalability, and a flexible, pay-as-you-grow approach, Compact form factor overcomes space constraints and enables efficient rack space utilization. It achieves world-class optical transmissions at ultra-fast speeds (up to 400 Gbps) over super-long distances (over 10,000 km).

Modular 1FINITY blades operate independently or, for broader network solutions, in combination with other optical platforms from Fujitsu and third parties. These are the 1FINITY blade families:

Fujitsu 1FINITY Transport Family: Blades in the 1FINITY Transport family deliver high-capacity transport for metro, regional, and long-haul applications. The T100 blade is a transponder purpose built for metro data center interconnect (DCI), providing 1.6 Tbps bidirectional capacity and power consumption under 0.8 watts per Gbps. The T200 blade is a feature-rich muxponder that uses coherent processing and multimodulation to add beyond 100G capabilities to transport networks and enable long-haul DCI. The T300 blade is a flexible, high-density muxponder for metro and long-haul transport, supporting 10G, 40G, and 100G client rates.

Fujitsu 1FINITY Switch Family: The initial release in the 1FINITY Switch family is the S100 blade, a high-density Ethernet switch with white box support. The S100 is designed for networks that require 10 GbE to 100 GbE aggregation of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services, and it provides 1.2 Tbps bidirectional switching capacity.

Fujitsu 1FINITY Lambda Family: The 1FINITY Lambda family is a modular dynamic ROADM platform that can be used to build multidegree network nodes with flexible-grid operation and super-channel support. A small CD ROADM configuration supporting up to 4 degrees and 128 clients can be implemented using a twin 1 × 9 WSS ROADM-on-a-blade (L100 blade) and a dual 4 × 16 splitter-coupler (L110 blade). Larger CD ROADM configurations up to 12 degrees can be implemented using a dual 1 × 16 splitter-coupler (L110 blade) and a twin 12 × 9 WSS optical switch (L120 blade). The compact L200 blade provides bidirectional intermediate line amplification (ILA) up to 35 dB.

Fujitsu 1FINITY Access Family: Blades in the 1FINITY Access family will support next-generation access technologies, such as 10G-EPON and NG-PON2, delivering gigabit services in metro and rural fiber-to-the-home and business applications



Fujitsu 1FINITY is designed to complement and extend Fujitsu FLASHWAVE packet optical networking platforms operators can extend the reach of 1FINITY and FLASHWAVE 9500 network. Customers can start small and select just the functions they need, they can reduce the upfront investment costs required to build a network and expand in stages as demand increases

1FINITY hardware can be paired with the Fujitsu Virtuora  software platform customers can easily bring automation and virtualization to a network that uses disaggregated architecture to provide users with element management. The 1FINITY uses an open architecture to connect to network equipment from other vendors. In addition, because it employs a standard interface in the form of open API’s (Application Program Interface), OSS(Operation Support System) and BSS (Business Support System)can be easily integrated using a variety of SDN controller software.

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