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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Synergy Composable Infrastructure for Future Hybrid Applications

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


FREMONT, CA: Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announces HPE Synergy, a platform for composable infrastructure that links traditional and new IT environments, offering the benefits of hybrid infrastructure to the organizations. HPE Synergy facilitates foundation to organizations optimizing appropriate combination of traditional IT and private cloud resources by leveraging fluid resource pools, software-defined intelligence and a unified Application Program Interface (API).

 “In order to respond to the demands of the business, CIO and IT executives need to deliver services that are increasingly application centric,” says Jed Scaramella, Research Director, IDC. “To remain relevant, IT needs to not only provide reliable and cost-effective infrastructure that can support their legacy investments, but one that gives them the flexibility and speed to deliver services like a cloud provider.”

HPE Synergy rethinks the way IT infrastructure is built by leveraging new ‘composable infrastructure’ architecture with three key design principles such as Fluid Resource Pools, Software Defined Intelligence and a Unified API.

The Fluid resource pools provides computing, storage and fabric networking that can be composed and recomposed depending upon the needs of the application. It boots up ready to deploy workloads and supports all workloads including physical, virtual and containerized.

The software-defined Intelligence self-discovers and self-assembles the infrastructure a user needs and also fetches repeatable, frictionless updates.

A Unified API provides a single line of code to abstract every element of infrastructure with 100% infrastructure programmability. It also renders Bare-metal interface as Infrastructure as a Service.

HPE Synergy composes physical and virtual resources into any configuration, enabling a wide range of applications, by physically bringing together compute, storage and networking fabric through a single interface powered by HPE OneView. It enables continuous DevOps and is ideal for deploying scalable hybrid environment.   

The built-in software intelligence, auto discovery capabilities and fluid resource pools allow users to boot up instantly, to readily run physical, Virtual and containerized applications through a single interface, reducing overprovisioning as much as 60%. With HPE Synergy’s software defined templates and bootable images, IT can provide infrastructure in cloud-like speed for any workload. It provides a library of operating environment images that enable a person to deploy composable infrastructure, streamline the delivery of IT services and enable IT respond to the changing needs of Line of Business (LOBs).

HPI Synergy’s unified API and its partners including Arista, Capgemini, Chef, Docker, Microsoft, NVIDIA and VMware simplify delivery of infrastructure to developers. The unified API provides a single interface to discover, search, provision, update and diagnose the composable infrastructure that required to test, develop and run code. It eliminates weeks of time-consuming scripting with its composable API.

HPE Synergy offers services that support composable ecosystem, pay-as-you-grow capacity and assistance with automating and optimizing infrastructure as code, HPE experts are offering infrastructure strategy and technology training with system start-up and 24/7 operations enabling users to quickly adopt and deliver the benefits of composable infrastructure

HPE Financial Services announces HPE Flexible Asset Return for Servers that help customers with high degree of investment management while deploying new technology, enabling proactive adaption to the changing speed, ease of use and time commitment. 

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