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Samsung ARTIK to Provide Open APIs and Tools to Mine Data from Connected Devices

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Samsung ARTIK to Provide Open APIs and Tools to Mine Data from Connected Devices

SAN FRANCISCO: Samsung announces the launch of SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud, an Internet of Things (IoT) cloud data exchange platform which is designed to connect devices and applications. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud provides users with simplified open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and tools to securely collect, store, and act on any data from any connected device or cloud service.

Companies can bring IoT solutions to the market, gain revenue and grow their business using these APIs provided by the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud.

The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud along the SAMSUNG ARTIK array of integrated IoT modules aims to enable development of enterprises, industrial and consumer applications more quickly and in a simpler way. Both SAMSUNG’s ARTIK modules and SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud are open platforms and include integrated production-ready modules, advanced software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features, and cloud.

When companies try to create a unified experience by connecting their devices and cloud services together, they are faced by a number of challenges. Some challenges include collecting data from a diverse set of devices using a variety of protocols; enabling legacy, new, and third-party devices and cloud services to interact with each other with minimal effort; storing data from siloed devices in a single location and deriving meaningful insights; managing data security and privacy; and providing developers with easy-to-use APIs and tools.

The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud is highly scalable as its architecture is designed to support billions of devices while keeping latency low and enabling fast interactions. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud features: device and data interoperability; enhanced security & privacy features; and tools for developers.

 Device and Data Interoperability 

The SAMSUNG ARTIK cloud enables devices to easily communicate with other devices or cloud services. They include the following:

 Device Manifests: Rapidly onboard any device using a universal language to describe device states and actions.

Multi-Protocol Connectors: Connect any device to the cloud using multiple protocols – REST/HTTP, Websockets, MQTT, and CoAP.

Cloud Connectors: Connect to any cloud service and collect data from it.

Heterogeneous Data Collection: Collect any data (continuous, discrete, real time, or historical) from any device or 3rd party cloud.

Two Way Communication: Securely exchange messages between device and cloud, even on low power devices such as wearables and end-node sensors.

Data Normalization and Analytics: Gain fast access to data, statistics, and aggregations with multiple backends to store, replicate, and index data.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

The Cloud enables to secure devices, apps, and user interactions and also protects data privacy. The cloud includes features such as Secure Device Registration, Authentication and Authorization and Privacy Management.

Secure Device Registration: Securely connect devices to the cloud using TLS, secure element, and certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority.

Authentication and Authorization: Secure every device, app, and user interaction with open Internet standards based authentication and authorization.

Privacy Management: Protect data privacy with built-in identity and permissions management.

Tools for Developers

The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud also empowers developers to build new IoT apps using easy-to-use, open APIs, SDKs, and tools. They include features such as Universal Data Access APIs, SDKs, Rules Engine, Visualization Tools, Developer Portal and API-first.

Universal Data Access APIs: Collect, and query data from disparate devices using easy-to-use, open APIs.

SDKs: Enable developers to easily build apps and services using a number of mobile and platform SDKs: Objective C / iOS, Java / Android, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and C#; as well as Tizen 3.0 when released.

Rules Engine: Easily trigger cross-device actions and alerts with a powerful built in rules engine.

Visualization Tools: Visualize data from disparate devices in context.

Developer Portal: Increase developer productivity with self-service access to rich API documentation, API console, blogs, samples, forums, and more.

API-first: Manage and extend platform entities using built-in REST APIs.

Samsung also announces that it is working with Legrand, a provider of electrical and digital building infrastructures, to integrate the Legrand Cloud platform to the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud, driving the Internet of Things revolution in the building sector.

“Our vision for the ARTIK platform is an end-to-end experience that reduces the obstacles, challenges, and time-to-market for IoT solutions,” says Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics. “We’re excited to announce the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud after three years of development and feedback from hundreds of developers. Unlike many other IoT cloud platforms, ARTIK Cloud breaks down data siloes between devices and enables a new class of IoT applications and services.  The launch of this exciting new platform not only signals Samsung’s foray into the cloud services market but reinforces our belief that, by creating powerful open platforms, we can harness the information generated by IoT to develop new insights and new approaches to address the major global challenges of today and tomorrow,” he added.

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