June 20194 Pg 10 - 11Pg 16 - 41Shirin Hamid, CIO, & CTO, Asian Development BankIN FOCUSWalking the Fine line Between Seamless and Unsafe BankingGeorge Lee, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, RSA19Will Finance Automation Prove to be the Merger of the COO & CFO Roles?Amit Agrawal22The Next Frontier for Payments: LendingBy Gavin Lock, COO & Board Director, Senjo Group25How FinTech is driving innovative lending James Cheow, CEO & Co-Founder, Capital C CorporationDynamic Credit Portfolio Management SystemDr. Clement Ooi, President, Asia Pacific, Kamakura Corporation40To Keep Control on Cloud Price IncreasesCyril Bartolo, Corporate Head of Applications, Lagardere Group36Black Cloud, the Internet is Going DarkTony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect, MAN Energy Solutions3731CXO INSIGHTS CIO INSIGHTS IN MY VIEWAsian Development Bank: Using Emerging Digital Technologies for the Common Good08BANKING TECHSOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2019TOP 20
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